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Gold & Silver physically held in your IRA...
and other precious metals

American Estate & Trust (AE-Trust) provides the IRA industry's simplest and best precious metals program. AE-Trust is your IRA custodian, not a precious metals dealer. Our IRA fees and precious metals storage fees are among the industry's lowest, while providing you with the most flexibility in coin and bullion selection and precious metals dealer choice, all in a one-stop shop. You provide AE-Trust with your precious metals purchase request, identify your dealer, and we handle the whole process from there. This lets you completely avoid the high costs, complications, hassles and mistake prone service which other precious metals IRA programs burden you with.

Metals Storage. All bullion or coin purchases for your IRA will be shipped to and stored at a qualified depository institution. The depository furnishes your IRA account at AE-Trust with a certificate of receipt which accurately details the bullion or coin items they received and stored for your IRA. Your precious metals are held securely in a storage vault which is dedicated to AE-Trust and which holds only the coins and bullion of AE-Trust's clients. The special storage is not only in a highly secured facility, but it is also bonded and insured for added protection.

Summary of Advantages of An AE-Trust Precious Metals IRA:

  • Highly competitive IRA account fees and precious metals storage fees
  • Expertise to keep your program fully legal with the IRS
  • Experts standing by to answer all your questions
  • One stop process for IRA account set up, coin & bullion ordering, shipment, secure storage, record keeping and reporting to you, and liquidation when needed later. You do not get shuffled off to any other parties
  • A no-delay, mistake free and hassle free process from beginning to end Certified, insured, bonded and super secure storage at the depository.
  • You have complete assurance of the security of your bullion or coins with dual verifications of bullion and coin delivery, receipt and storage given by two unrelated institutions, AE-Trust and the depository.
  • Widest variety of IRA-legal bullion and coin types (but you can use your own dealer)

Deal Directly With The Custodian, Not The Precious Metals Dealer

A high percentage of precious metals IRA offerings on the internet are actually just precious metals dealers, and are not IRA custodians. Many of these charge high markups on metals purchases, and all of them have to shuffle you off to a third party custodian, off to another party for storage, and then delays, hassles, mistakes and communication errors start piling up. With an AE-Trust IRA you can deal with just one party for everything. You may choose your own metals dealer, but we will handle the ordering, shipping, storage and IRA custodial services. We are the custodian. Our expertise and A to Z system for handling precious metals IRAs assures you a smooth process without the problems common with the dysfunctional plans on the internet.

To Open A Precious Metals IRA Account

  • List of Metals, Bullion and Coins Allowed In An IRA - Click Here
  • Traditional IRA Application And Bullion-Coin Order Form - Click Here
  • Roth IRA Application And Bullion-Coin Order Form - Click Here

Fees for a precious metals IRA (1)

Special Note: The fees below are restricted to precious metals holdings in your IRA. If you wish to hold other asset types in the same IRA, use our regular IRA Fee Schedule, which lists fees for all inclusive IRAs.

Setup Fee: $50
Annual Fee: $150

Monthly Storage Fees

Asset Value Of Metals Gold Only Silver Only Both Metals
< $25,000 $8 $10 $10
> $25,000 $12 $18 $18

(1) The above are only the basic fees for precious metals IRAs. And, you must maintain a minimum cash balance to pay two more annual fees or arrange for your fees to be auto charged to a credit card.

Click Here for a complete list of other IRA fees which you may incur, though the above are accurate for IRAs holding only precious metals.

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